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Syracuse Area Youth A cappella Festival (SAYacaFest) - Saturday, February 10, 2018

Liverpool High School - 4338 Wetzel Road, Liverpool, NY 13090

Lakeside A cappella Camp sponsors, the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus, in conjunction with the Liverpool Central School District Fine Arts Department and the Barbershop Harmony Society, will be hosting their third-annual Youth A cappella Chorus Festival on Saturday, February 10, 2018! This event is open to all youth singers in upper elementary, middle school, high school, college, and beyond (up to age 25), as well as music educators. Participants will spend the day sharing the best of a cappella music, learning more about barbershop harmony, and finally performing an evening concert that will feature the SOS, girls' and guys' youth choruses, a combined youth chorus, and some very special guests from our local schools and colleges.

Our format for the day will be similar to an honor choir or all-county experience for singers and educators. Sheet music and part-predominant learning media for two songs will be sent to participants (one for male singers, one for female singers, and one for both) that singers will be asked to have prepared and memorized when they come to the festival on February 10th. During the day singers will work in gender-specific choruses, as well as a combined chorus, to prepare these two pieces for public performance that evening.

Individual Registration is now OPEN (see below)!  Interested in registering your ensemble to participate as a featured performer?  Contact Festival Coordinator, Sky Harris, for more information (

Here’s a tentative outline of the day’s activities:

10:00am Check-in and Welcome
10:30am Rehearsal Session #1
11:30am Barbershop “Tag” Time
12:00pm Sectional Rehearsals/Rehearsal Session #2
12:30pm Break for Lunch
1:15pm Combined Chorus Rehearsal Session #1
2:15pm Barbershop Info Session
3:00pm Rehearsal Session #3
4:00pm Combined Chorus Rehearsal Session #2
5:00pm Barbershop "Tag" Time
5:15pm Break for Dinner
6:00pm Dress Rehearsal
7:00pm Doors open
7:30pm Concert

Participants must register ahead of time in order to receive music and learning tracks, as well as reserve their place in the festival. There is NO COST to participants in this event.  All your sheet music and learning tracks will be provided for you - all you have to do is learn them and come ready to work!  Optional costs are the purchase of lunch and/or dinner at the event (or you can bring your own "brown bag" meals) and a $5.00 donation at the door for all non-participant concert attendees. 

A special offer for all Registered Girl Scouts - there is a brand new Activity Patch called the Young Women In Harmony Activity Badge that can be earned by participating in this event.  If you are a member of GSUSA, please let us know on the form below and we'll present you with your Badge at the end of the event!

How do I pick a voice part?  Am I a Tenor, Lead, Baritone, or Bass?

In barbershop, the names for the voice parts are slightly different than typical choral or contemporary a cappella music.  The lead sings the melody and is usually the second highest part (kind of like alto/soprano 2 or tenor 2).  The bass covers the bass line of the song and is usually the lowest voice part (kind of like alto 2 or bass).  The tenor sings the highest harmony part, usually above the lead (kind of like soprano 1 or tenor 1).  And the baritone sings the middle harmony part in basically the same range as the lead (kind of like alto 1/soprano 2 or baritone).  Barbershop tenors are characterized by a light, pure sound, great ears for tuning, and you only need a couple to make the sound really great!  Barbershop leads are characterized by their dominant, present voice and physical "leading" of the group through their visual performance.  Barbershop baritones are characterized by an awesome ear for harmony, flexible vocal skills, and chameleon-like ability to match other voices.  Barbershop basses are the foundation of the sound and need to be comfortable and very present in their low to mid range, as well as a dominant visual force with the leads.  Pick the part that fits your personality, vocal and musicianship skills, and range... to get the right mix in barbershop we always need lots of leads and basses, a strong group of baritones, and just a few tenors to add the icing on the cake!  If you aren't sure, email us ( and we'll help you figure it out!



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Our 2017 clinicians were (stay tuned for 2018 announcement!):

Steve Armstrong (Musical Director - Toronto Northern Lights)

Steven Armstrong has been involved in barbershop singing for almost 30 years, joining the Oshawa Horseless Carriagemen when he was just 13 years of age. Steve began his early directing career at the age of 19 as the director of the Oshawa Sweet Adelines, followed by the Oshawa Horseless Carriagemen and the Oakville Entertainers. By the age of 32, Steve had directed both the Scarborough Dukes of Harmony and the East York Barbershoppers into international competitions. More recently, Steve has been the Musical Director and co-founder of the Toronto Northern Lights. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the University of Toronto in 1984.

Formed in 1998, the Toronto Northern Lights won the CBC Radio Competition for Amateur Choirs in 2000. TNL has represented Ontario 13 times at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Chorus Competition, winning medals 12 times and earning consecutive silvers from 2001 to 2005. In 2013, in front of a hometown crowd at the Air Canada Centre, they won the International Chorus Competition’s gold medal.

Steve has been a member of two Ontario District Championship Quartets (1988 “Flipside” and 1996 “Jukebox”), both of which competed at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s international competitions. In addition, Steve has been a society judge for over 16 years, is currently serving in the Music category and has spent 8 years on that category’s Board of Review. Steve has twice served on the judging panel at international competitions (Pittsburgh 1994 and Salt Lake City 1996) and he has judged in 16 of the society’s 17 North American districts as well as in 3 overseas contests. (Sweden, Germany and Holland).

An accomplished barbershop arranger, coach and instructor, Steve’s skill and experience have been sought after by many quartets and choruses. He has coached and taught throughout Canada and the US and he has taught at the society’s Harmony University in St.Joseph, MO in addition to his coaching and teaching sessions in Sweden and England.

Steve lives in Oshawa with his wife Lori and son Joel where he also serves as choir director at the local Salvation Army church.


Melody Hine (Music Educator & Song of Atlanta Chorus)

Melody Hine has been barbershopping since before she was born due to her parents being so involved in the organizations (Becki and Clay Hine).  She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, after which her work adventures took her to Epcot at Walt Disney World and the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios.  She now lives in Atlanta, GA and teaches choir at Duluth Middle School.  She sings in the Sweet Adelines, International Top 10 chorus, Song of Atlanta (under her mom's direction!) and is the tenor of the current Region 14 Gold Medalist quartet, Boss. 



Our Teaching Quartets:

                      Soundbyte (2016 5th Place Region 15 Medalists)                                Toronto Northern Lights (2013 BHS International Chorus Champions)

For more information, please contact Festival Coordinator, Sky Harris (